English Glossary



All or Nothing

A player will win if he has all the cards. For example, in Keno, a player will be declared a winner if he has all the numbers.

All in

Literally translated as “all in”, it means to bet all the available money on a single bet. The area in which this expression is best known is poker. When it comes to sports betting, an all-in is strongly discouraged no matter how safe a bet may seem. It is an extremely risky practice that involves making mistakes such as overbetting.


The amount of money you are playing in the game with.

Basic Slots

Slots that only have one single payline and a static jackpot that does not change.


An amount of money placed on the outcome of an unpredictable event, such as a sports match


Extra sum of money, prize or something of value which is offered to players in return for a certain action, such as signing up to a particular online gaming website or betting a minimum sum of money

Bonus Symbols

Bonus signs trigger either a bonus game or a number of free spins.


It is an option offered at some events and allows you to withdraw before the end; that is, you can cancel the bet before it is calculated, thus a certain percentage of the player's possible winnings will be deducted.

Cascading Reels

A casino feature whereby once the symbols have landed on the reels, winning lines will be replaced by new symbols.

Casino Bonus

This is an incentive that an online casino will provide to a customer who’s just signed up.

Casino Tournament

A tournament where casino players play for a specific prize.


The amount you’re betting on each payline.

Double chance

It is a bet for markets where there are three possible outcomes, such as winner A, draw and winner B. Of the three options, two come together in a single installment and bet, either "winner A and tie", "winner B and tie ”or“ winner A and winner B ”.

Expanding Wilds

Wild symbols that expand to cover the entire reel creating winning combinations on the way.

Free Spin

Usually offered as a bonus feature on slot games


It means "Free Bet" and is part of the usual promotions that bookmakers usually offer to their users. They consist of a free amount with which to place a bet. In case of winning the bet, only the net benefits are received, not the amount of the free bet. For example, if a bookmaker grants us a free bet of 10,000 and we bet it at a 2.00 fee, if we were successful we would get 10,000 in our account.

Half-time / End

Type of bet that considers each period of time of a match as a unit in itself that can be bet on. The different betting selections presented by the bookmakers arise from combining the results in each half. For example, the bet “Tie / Tie” or “X / X” would imply that we are betting that the halftime will come with a tie and that the match will also end in a tie.


A handicap is an additional challenge in the form of scoring a given bet. This additional challenge consists of adding or subtracting a score to the final score of one of the two teams. With an example, if in a football match in the Italian league between Juventus and AC Milan we bet that Juve will win with a handicap of +1 goals, it means that when calculating the bet we will add 1 goal in favor of Juve. If it were a handicap -1 goals, we would subtract that goal. If the match ends 1-1, in the first case the score would be changed to 2-1 and we would win the bet. In the second case, by subtracting a goal from the locals, the score of the bet would be 0-1 and we would lose it. Obviously, handicaps change the probability of the outcome of the bet so the odds are highly dependent on them.


A player who has deposited a lot of money into an online casino known to bet large amounts.


Typically a large prize fund awarded either randomly or to the highest win. Also the top price a video slot can payout.

Line Bet

A Line bet refers to the activated paylines on multiple payline video slots. Max bets must usually be played to activate all paylines.

Live Bets

These are bets that are made while the sporting event is taking place.


It is a way of referring to a set of bets that have a point in common. For example, in soccer we talk about the goal market, which includes bets referring to total goals, which teams will score, how many goals will each team score, at what time the goals will be scored, etc.

At the same time, we can also talk about the market when the same bet offers different options to bet on. For example, we can talk about the goal over / under market as it offers different options to bet on: more than 2 goals less than 3.5 goals, etc.


It’s a Bonus slot feature where payouts can be multiplied up to 10 times on a bonus win


It is the English term to refer to the quota, in the sense of probability that they express. A pair of numbers used to indicate the likelihood of a single event occurring, such as a team winning. It is a numerical representation of the probability of something happening.

Over / Under

An over bet is one in which we bet that a certain marker or statistic will exceed a certain value. For example, if in a match we make an over +2.5 goals against Real Madrid, we will win if the merengue team scores 3 or more goals.

An under bet corresponds to the opposite case, we will have a green if the marker or statistic is below a certain value. With the same example, if we bet under 2.5 goals we will win if the whites score 2 goals or less.

These types of bets are very popular in reference to goals, yellow cards and corners in a football match. There are many varieties of this type of bets, which can refer to a specific team or the sum of both teams.


A payline is the line at which winning combinations must land to win the payout amount


The amount won from a winning combination on a casino slot

Pay Table

It’s a sign on a casino slot that tells you about all the different winning combinations.


Any person participating in a game or a match

Prematch Bets

It means “bets before the match”. They are the bets that are made before a sporting event begins. It is the most classic way of betting.

Progressive Casino Slots

Progressive casino slots are those that have a jackpot that continues to grow until it’s won.


It is a factor by which our investment is multiplied if we win the bet. With numbers, if the odds for a certain Bayern Munich victory is, say, 2, it means that we will get 2 euros for every euro bet on that result if we get it right. You can easily calculate the relationship between probability and odds using the simple odds, probability and bets calculator that we put at your disposal.


Reels are the wheels that spin in the casino game with the symbols on them.


They pay wherever they land on the reels whether they fall within a payline or not.

Scatter Pay

A scatter pay bonus feature is when a slot sets a specific symbol on the reels that payout regardless of what the others symbols are

Select Lines

The number of paylines selected on an online casino slot


A period of play which can be of any length.

For a player, a ‘session’ is usually measured as the time of starting play through to the time play ends.

For a group of players, the ‘session’ is a number of rounds, played until the game ends

Shifting Wilds

Similar to sticky wilds but with the added extra that they shift around the wheels with each spin.

Special Bets

These are bets that are not part of the bookmaker's regular catalog or that are not offered at all sporting events. They are usually offered for large sporting events or for other types of occasional events, not necessarily related to sports.


The spin button activates the spinning of the reels to determine whether you have won or not

Stacked Wilds

These act as substitutes for any other symbols to create a winning combination.


The different pictures on various slot reels.

Value of a bet

It is said that a bet has value when the probability that we estimate that the event on which we bet is higher than the implicit probability in the quota. Numerically, the positive expected value is calculated (see above) and if it is positive, the bet makes sense. In fact, the higher this parameter the better, the higher value our bet will have and the more sense it will make to settle it.


Any bet, or any amount of money placed on an outcome as a bet. To wager means to put up cash or goods against another on the outcome of an event.

Wagering Requirements

The amount of action one must play before being able to cash a bonus offered.


Wild symbols substitute for winning symbols to create a winning combination.